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Support of Telegraz Group


We take security seriously for maintaining integrity towards the projects we are associated with. We provide security at the following levels:

Physical Security

  • Restricted access to datacenters and secured locations
  • Round the clock watch and ward

Network and Data Security

  • Logical access control policy
  • Access restricted to authorized users only
  • Access to client data restricted
  • Firewalls and intrusion detection
  • Monitoring of network and data access

Ensuring Confidentiality of Client Data

  • Virtual LAN and isolated LAN
  • Enhanced physical security where required
  • Non-disclosure agreements


At Telegraz, we strongly believe in the benefits of advanced technology to ensure our capabilities remain ahead of the curve and our clients have access to the highest quality and most reliable technology available in the market.


  • ACD
  • CTI & IVR
  • CRM
  • Inbound call routing
  • Data quality management
  • Call motoring & recording [Quality maintenance]
  • Workforce management
  • Agent monitoring reporting
  • Predictive dialing
  • Hosted solutions from inContact
  • Hosted solutions from Drishti for Business



  • Powerful dedicated fiber optic connection.
  • 5MB of bandwidth
  • Multiple servers for backup.
  • No riskó new fiber optic connection booked for business continuity



  • Instant on, keeps systems operational 
  • Saves loss of data



  • Redundant routers and switches for seamless flow of data traffic.
  • All Routers from good brands [Cisco, D-link]


Fire Detector

  • Just in case of fire


Power Supply

  • All business compounds have a backup generator (120kw), which could run for months