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Solutions of Telegraz Group

As an expert BPO solution provider, we take care of the regular activities and operations of your businesses, allowing you to focus on your core business. However, at Telegraz those everyday activities become valuable to your business by reducing costs, making processes more efficient and most importantly, creating loyalty in your clients.

Telegraz provides you extraordinary results; each contact with your clients is one experience of value, strengthening the bond between you and them. We can’t leave out of our dynamic creative process supported by a solid base of defined strategic statements: Flexibility [as per your needs], availability [24/7, 365 days in the language of your requirement], capability [benchmarked industry standards at your service] and technology [state of the art] allows us to be different.


Business Requirements

  • Complexity of the business process
  • Transaction volumes and trends
  • Scale of the metrics as governed by the SLA
  • Hours of operation
  • Onsite/offsite requirements
  • Infrastructure requirements e.g. - complete isolation, proprietary tools, S/W licenses etc.
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Corporate security requirements

Scoping Study and Transition Pricing

  • Fixed fee + variable charges
  • Time and materials
  • Bundled pricing - includes due diligence transition and steady state operations


  • Team skill levels
  • Team size
  • Shifts
  • Infrastructure
  • Connectivity - bandwidth required
  • BCP and DRP requirements

Steady State Pricing

  • Infrastructure based - per seat [fixed + variable]
  • Resource based - per FTE
  • Transaction based
  • Performance based - cost +/- performance of key metrics benchmarked against SLA.
  • Shared risk/reward - cost +/- % of amount collected

Project Management




  • Voice and non-voice based contact services
  • High quality telemarketing [B2C & B2B]
  • Financial account maintenance services
  • Data processing, analyzing, validating
  • 24/7 continuous availability to you and customers
  • Single number access, without busy tones
  • IVR setup on demand, as required
  • Standard service - irrespective time, language, executive
  • Excellent staff with multiple skills [trained and recruited]
  • Tenured and experienced management team
  • State of the art technology
  • World class information and data security
  • Innovative and cost effective solutions [technical and operational]

Enabling you to—

  • Maximize up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Higher customer satisfaction and retention opportunity
  • Focus on your core business activities, knowing that your customers are receiving high-quality service from your trusted customer service partner
  • Increase revenue by optimizing customer conversion
  • Resolve customer issues effectively and efficiently online, minimizing customer frustration
  • Decrease customer support costs

People Management

Motivation and change are the two major keys behind keeping our employees give performance and productivity even under the most challenging situations. We provide them with a great place to work where their interactions, achievements, contributions as a team player are rewarded and classified as goals achieved.

Our quality-centric approach has helped us in providing our clients with a different experience every time. The medium of reaching the quality goals over quantity has made sure that employees enhance their interpersonal and management skills to the peak.

We have a diversified employee base, we have agents who are capable of interacting with different cultures, as they come from different cultures, races, values, backgrounds and yet they all have the same accent.