Answering Services for Law Firms

Your clients deserve the finest service. If callers can’t get through to you because you are on the phone, out of the office, or you are currently contracted with an call center service that cannot get your calls answered in a timely manner, you can lose important cases. The number one complaint lawyers have when they hire an call center service is rude telephone representatives. At Telegraz, after intense screening, we hire only courteous and intelligent call service attendants to answer your calls — folks who genuinely care about you and your legal firm. At Telegraz, our primary goal is to help you, our customer, make more money by simplifying your communications and eliminating missed calls that can translate into lost business or unhappy clients.

Answering Services

A good business is good at making growth a reality; a great business takes one step further by allocating resources and growing the business where it counts. As businesses move toward the cloud, they find themselves having more resources to do what they do best: becoming competitive in their respective market sectors. This gradual shift from vertical integration of all operational tasks in a company allows a company to focus on its key goals without worrying about managing and maintaining other secondary operations. Customer Service in an important service offered by any company that wishes to maintain a good relationship with potential and existing customers and clientele. Good customer service requires a human understanding that computers cannot replicate. Research has shown that more than eighty percent of potential consumers will react negatively to automated customer service and search for the competition to fulfill their needs. The obvious choice would be to have a call center and/or live chat. However, an in-house customer service call center is a large investment and may not always fit the business needs and financial restraints of a company. This is where Telegraz can help (your) company (companies) achieve in delivering a great customer service experience without all the overhead, set-up delays and higher domestic human resource expenditures that come with in-house operations. Where Telegraz excels beyond its competition is the dedication it has to enhancing the cultural continuity between its users and its operators. Breaking the language barrier is only the first step in achieving great customer service. In addition, Telegraz’s call center representatives are capable in fulfilling a variety of customer service roles as demanded. The majority of Telegraz’s operators are well educated and eager to learn and adapt to a wide variety of situations. With all these features also comes data security and confidentiality that is second to none in this industry. Telegraz takes care of everything. There is no worrying about call loads, if a call center can handle a demand, if the connections are fast enough. And, everything comes at a competitive price that on averages saves a company more money than if even an Indian call center were to be used.

Welcome to Telegraz

Telegraz Group LLC is an IT enabled service provider offering high quality services in all major voice and non-voice segments of the Business Process Outsourcing [BPO] space for small and large enterprises worldwide.

Founded and promoted by experienced entrepreneurs from various verticals, we can provide services to global corporations meeting their quality standards and delivery requirements successfully. We combine process expertise, information technology and analytical capabilities with operational insight and experience in diverse industries to provide a wide range of services using our global delivery platform located in the heart of the city Yerevan, Armenia. We develop a business into business of excellence with efficiency, accuracy and a goal – driven attitude.