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Translation Services

One of the top priorities for any business is to be competitive in today’s market, which in itself can be done through building up a professional image of the company and developing its customer service. Here rises the importance of hiring a professional answering service that will handle all the customer calls in a highly professional manner. But there are answering services that provide more than just answering service. There is one more important service that there has always been high demand for, that is the translation service. In this case Telegraz Group’s answering services are exactly what you wish for. If you are not reaching every customer you can, you are missing many opportunities to grow your business. We help you reach a new market to be always there for you customers. With Telegraz Group's multilingual answering service, you will be able to capitalize on every market and be able to reach more targets with your service. We can help you eliminate the logistical problems connected with translation and interpretation. Operating as a professional answering service Telegraz Group offers multilingual text translation services (including English, Russian and Armenian) that help you reach out to customers and grow your business by reaching new markets.

Multilingual Translation Services

Most of the agents in Telegraz Group are fluent in English Armenian and Russian which means you will only have to specify which language you would like translation services for and a bi-lingual operator that matches your needs will be assigned to your calls. When a call comes in that needs to be translated, our bi-lingual operator will forward the client to you but will remain on the line and translate the conversation as long as needed.

The Most Advanced and Affordable Translation Services

Besides the direct interpretation services Telegraz Groups agent answer the customers’ calls in the above mentioned three languages accordingly and also provide with text translations or any other translation tasks required for your business.We are proud of the customer service we provide in particular our multilingual services. All the stuff and all the agents in Telegraz follow standards of excellence which allows us to bring the most advanced customer service for our clients. It is not hard to see how convenient and cost sufficient it is to have an in-house translator. It eliminates the usual cost and inconvenience of having a visiting translation service. Once you chose our services our agents, who are skilled in customer relations and trained in the exact requirements your particular company has for steering calls, will handle each call with your business' image in mind. Add to this the flexibility and cost savings of having a translator at hand and having an answering service that also provides translation becomes a clear option for your company.

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